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COVID Testing and Compliance
With a commitment to transparency, the University updates on its website and here on the AU Mobile App information on testing and compliance with the safety protocols. Below, please find information relative to the spring 2021 semester. (Testing data collected 4/4 to 4/10/2021.

COVID Testing & Results

Metric Cumulative Total
Number of Tests Performed
31,039 (+2,688)
Number of Positive Cases
55 (+4)
Positivity Rate
.18 (+/-0)
Number of Positive Students
33 (+4)
Number of Positive Employees
22 (+0)
Number of Students in Isolation
0 (+/- 0)
Number of Students in Quarantine
37 (-34)

University Safety Protocol Non-compliance Report

Metric Cumulative Total Spring 2021 (Change since last week)
Number of Incidents Reported
64 (+3)
Number of Students Documented
95 (+6)
Number of Staff Documented
0 (+/-0)
Number of Faculty Documented
1 (+1)
Total Number of Non-compliance Reports Submitted by the University Community
114 (+6)

Fall 2020 COVID-19 Dashboards