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Academic Clubs
Does your son or daughter have a passion for a particular academic program? We've got something for them!

AU Science Club

We bring together students from within the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences as well as other courses of study who have a passion for learning and engaging with their community. By hosting events within the campus community and reaching out to local schools, we have been able to provide an opportunity to those to engage in the sciences who might not have previously had an opportunity. Students have joined our club for reasons varying from majoring within the sciences to other related fields as we provide a safe environment to discuss science and promote opportunities for future learning. 


Education Club

Assumption Education Club is a place to foster community within the University and its Education majors/minors. 


Greyhounds Associate for Marketing Enrichment (GAME)

GAME seeks to explore, learn, and understand the world of marketing and other business topics beyond the classroom. Open to all students and not just marketing majors, the club host meetings were topics such as creating a LinkedIn page, marketing oneself's to employers, and resumes are discussed while also hosting former Assumption Alumni to speak of their career experiences. If you are looking to enhance your business and marketing skills outside of the classroom then GAME Club is for you!

Human Services Club

The purpose of this club is to increase awareness of existing human services in the Worcester area to increase empathy to those individuals who are in need of human services. To increase the awareness of various human services professionals, students should and do join in order to be a part of a club that's mission is to serve others. 


Neuroscience Club

You might know a little about neuroscience, or maybe nothing at all! Our club is a fun and great way to get familiar with neuroscience and meet other students who also might enjoy science. We have held movie nights, done a variety of volunteering, and participate in the MS Walk every spring to help raise awareness and funds for research for those living with multiple scoliosis, which is a neurological disease that affects the nervous system. 


In NSSLHA we try to get guest speakers from the speech-language pathology and audiology field to come in and share their experiences. Members do not have to be in the concentration, some people may just be interested in CSD and want to learn more, some might be thinking about going into a similar field like PT/OT. The club also allows for people from different class years to interact and share advice about classes in the grad school application process. We usually try to hold a few meetings a semester so the time commitment to join is not super intense. At its core, the club serves as a way for CSD students to connect but also network with professionals in the field. 

Psychology Club/Psi Chi

The Psychology Club gathers students with a common interest in Psychology (not limited to majors and minors) so that we can all learn more and be active in our community. Activities include a community service project, fundraising for the club, events surrounding mental health, and events where we can all learn about careers in Psychology. Students should join if they have interest in any of these areas.