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Rave Guardian
Photo of the Assumption University Admissions House in Worcester, Massachusetts.
With direct connections to Campus Police, as well as to your Assumption friends and other trusted members of the Assumption community, you can feel more secure knowing your “Guardians” are a valuable resource to employ when needed. Download the RAVE Guardian App today!

How It Works

Students who have downloaded the App can invite Campus Police, Assumption friends, roommates, and others who have a valid Assumption University email address to be their “Guardians” when setting their Rave Guardian Safety Timer. For example, before traveling from one area of the campus to another, you can activate the APP on your Smartphone, then set the Timer for a certain number of minutes, then designate a Guardian such as Campus Police. If you do not deactivate the Timer, Campus Police will be alerted, who can proactively identify and check on you through the RAVE GPS system.