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You Are Not Alone


At Assumption, Hounds are Never Alone 

During this ongoing time of uncertainty, some may experience feelings of depression or anxiety. Although these feelings manifest themselves differently depending on the person, it is important that students know that there are resources on campus to start a conversation. At Assumption, our faculty, staff, and peers are all united through the common goal to help one another become the best we can be. 

Below are brief descriptions of the resources available to students, free of charge.

Pastoral Care

The challenges and stressors that we encounter can impact us on a spiritual level and raise questions about faith: Where is God in this situation? Why do bad things happen in a world that God has created? How can I move forward in hope? 

A team of pastoral ministers at Assumption is here to talk with you and accompany you as you deal with questions like these: campus ministers, Assumptionist priests, InterVarsity representatives, FOCUS missionaries, ministers in residence, and chaplains to ALANA and first generation students. 

Students of any or no religious background are welcome to meet with one of Assumption’s pastoral ministers. 

To connect with a pastoral minister, contact the Campus Ministry Office at 508-767-7419 or email Deacon Paul Covino (Director of Campus Ministry).

Counseling & Mental Health Support

Counseling Services offers a confidential safe place to come and explore issues that are affecting you, get help figuring out what your options are, and come up with ideas about how to handle different situations. A personal counselor can:

  • provide objective feedback,
  • offer some new ways to cope with situations,
  • provide information about other resources,
  • or just simply listen while you sort through an issue out loud.

Our professional counselors are available for individual and/or group appointments, residence hall programming, classroom presentations, student club and organization workshops, and much more. 

To make a counseling appointment call (508)767-7329 or click on a name below to email the full-time counseling staff:

Additional mental health resources:

  • Student Assistance Program (SAP) – 1-800-386-7055
  • – Text “TALK” to 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255

Health Services

Health Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for any medical needs you may have. Currently, we have a hybrid approach with both Telehealth and in-person appointments. If you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms we ask that you reach out to us and make an appointment. Not all symptoms require quarantine or isolation but it is important that you call us so we can address your individual needs! If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please call (508) 767-7329.

Quarantine & Isolation Support

Assumption has a COVID-19 Coordinator to supervise all quarantine and isolation needs. In addition, any student placed in quarantine or isolation is assigned a professional staff member as their case manager to support their well-being. Case managers regularly check-in with their student(s) and have been trained to identify if there may be a need to refer a student to additional supportive resources such as Counseling Services. 

Students in quarantine or isolation receive an email with all the resources available to them and are encouraged to share this email with their family support people. Additional supportive measures for students in quarantine or isolation include but are not limited to: 

  • Delivery of meals for those with meal plans 
  • Telehealth appointments along with a daily screening check by Health Services 
  • Information about various remote social and recreational programming available to them 
  • Counseling Services group or individual meetings


Peers Advocating Wellness for Students is a student-led group on campus that is here to help provide connections, support and education.  All students have access to remote weekly meetings and many programs throughout the semester.   Resources and education for many topics are available including stress management, mental health support, substance use, healthy eating, and more!  

Follow them on Instagram @assumptionupaws to meet the club executives and see what they are up to!  Check out our latest Tik Tok Challenges and attend programs to have a chance to win prizes!   

Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life is available to discuss any issue(s) a student may be facing.  Residence halls on campus are a place where the opinions and challenges faced by all students are valued. RAs and professional staff intentionally live among students in the halls and are available to assist with navigating these matters.   For more information, the Office of Residential Life can be reached at (508) 767-7505.